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What Does BullGuard Suggest Boosting Slow Computer Speed?

If your device is performing slowly then, you won’t work on it. In such a case, it is advisable to follow the suggestion of BullGuard to get rid of slow computer speed. Installing BullGuard security on the device is a great choice as it has outstanding features and security tools that will enhance the PC’s speed.

Table Of Content:

  • Is BullGuard behind slow computer speed?
  • Boost PC performance using BullGuard Tips
  • Check programs behind slow PC performance
  • How to disable start-ups Applications?
  • Does Browser affect my device’s performance?
  • Boost storage using SSD and upgrading hardware
  • Install BullGuard Internet Security to enhance PC speed
  • Wrap Up-

Is BullGuard behind slow computer speed?

Because BullGuard consumes fewer resources of the system and it continuously your device against so, there is no chance that it is behind a slow computer. It will clean your device to make it run smoother and fast. But there is a trick that, if you have chosen to run Full Scan on your PC while in the working hours then, there might be a chance that your device will perform slowly because Full Scan will slow down your PC. But the PC will only perform slowly while the scanning period and when the scanning is complete, it should then start working properly. If you get to know that it is still slow then, let’s move ahead with a few tips that BullGuard suggests boosting slow computer speed.

Boost PC performance using BullGuard Tips

There are a few tips that are ideal to boost the device’s performance which is slow because of some reason. You also have to be careful while following these tips to be fast in the future also.

Check programs behind slow PC performance

If you have installed a few programs which use a lot of resources then, you will need to decide if they are necessary or not. These apps might consume a lot of space on your device or they might be starts automatically while the PC boots up.

Some of the programs consume fewer resources while they are required but other apps can use a lot of processing power as well as a lot of RAM storage when they are checking the network for updates or working on a task in the background.

To see how much resources a program is using, you have to-

  • Press the CRTL + ALT + Delete Key simultaneously
  • Now, choose the Task Manager
  • Then, you can see programs that are currently opened on the Processes Tab
  • You can see how much memory and CPU every program is consuming

Now you have to close programs that you don’t want to keep in your device so that it will not cause your device to respond slowly.

How to disable start-ups Applications?

As you now know how start-ups programs affect the device’s performance. When you get to know the programs which start when the PC boot-up. You have to consider what you actually have to open while starting your device up and disable other programs. If you are not sure about the programs then, know about that program on the internet, and if it doesn’t affect the device performance if un-installed then, disable it.

Does Browser affect my device’s performance?

Yes, not 100% but there is a lot of time when the browser is behind slow device performance. You have to make sure that you are using an updated web browser version. Most of the browsers update automatically ad hence, it should not be an issue but as it has said that if you use lots of browser add-ons and extensions then, there might be chances that it can slow down the browser.

Boost storage using SSD and upgrading hardware

You also can boost storage with SSD and by upgrading hardware. We are here with both steps to do so-

Upgrade Hardware

Hardware might be behind a slow device hence, you will need to upgrade it and check if it is enhanced now. It is very necessary if someone wants to work on a PC that works fast and excellently.

  • Two key hardware pieces are linked with computer speed are the HDD and the RAM Memory
  • Too less RAM or using an old HDD even if it has been recently defragmented will slow down the PC

Bring SSD to Upgrade Storage

If the computer has HDD that becomes old or slow down the PC even after defragging it then, performance can become slow and sluggish. The time has come to get it upgraded

  • Most of the new PCs use SSD solid-state drive that accesses the data digitally with flash memory chips.

Install BullGuard Internet Security to enhance PC speed

Never forget to install the anti-malware software that is BullGuard Internet Security 2021. It is the fastest release ever. By using advanced technology, the virus definition files size is reduced significantly.

At the start-up and running in the background, several BullGuard components protection use approximately 60 MB of memory. When it comes to BullGuard 2021 performance then, it is very sure that it uses very little memory and almost null processing power.

Wrap Up-

BullGuard suggest a few efficient tips that will help in boosting slow computer speed. This security software will keep your device secured against viruses and malware.

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