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What should I do to activate BullGuard license key?

BullGuard antivirus software program is the best cyber security option that is available in the market right now. BullGuard is the best for the safety and security of computers as well as devices from all the unwanted elements. The software program is popular among people for various reasons; no other software program is as old as BullGuard.

Other than being the oldest security software brand in the market something that adds more to it is that the software program is really very easy to install also it is very easy and smooth for activation. Also, it is one reliable name that is there in the market running for so many years. But, also we cannot deny the fact that there are so many technologies with the workings of the software program. Because of those while using the software program the users are often stuck into problems.

Table Of Content:

• BullGuard license key activation-

• Activating license key in the BullGuard program-

• How new BullGuard customers can activate BullGuard license key?

BullGuard license key activation-

Well talking regarding the basics related to the important procedures that are associated with the product we can say that all of those are easy to conduct but with the updated and all the advanced technicalities sometimes dealing with the basic procedures also becomes an issue. Such as here as per the demand of the topic in the guide we will see a solution for BullGuard license key activation.

Well, the process of activating the software program is easy and smooth but still, for those who are not from the proper technical background, it is tricky so, this guide is further going to help all such users.

Activating license key in the BullGuard program-

Well, this is the easiest way out that is available for the activation of the license key, here further let us see how you can conduct it.

Please follow the steps given below-

• Please open the BullGuard program

• Next, click on “settings”

• Settings are given in the upper top right-hand corner

• After this, in the settings window from the left corner, you should click on “general”

• Then in the license key field, you will need to enter your license key

• Also, you will need to press the activate license key button


The activation key provided with your BullGuard subscription is usable only once, you cannot use it more than once. As you will try using that you will surely receive an error then and there saying the activation key is already in use.


The above-given method is only good to apply if you are an existing customer of BullGuard antivirus. If in case you are a new customer then for you there is a different process that you will need to follow for successful activation.

How new BullGuard customers can activate BullGuard license key?

If you are a new customer and you wish to activate the BullGuard license key, and then please download it first

So, for downloading the software program you should follow the given steps-

• On the browser open the BullGuard official website

• There on the website, you should look for the download link and should click on that

• Then you should wait for the downloading process to complete

Once the process for downloading completes, the next thing that you should do is the activation of the software program.


If you still need to know anything more, related to the process of BullGuard activation through the license key then, you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts who are available at the service of the users all the time. There is no such issue related to the software program that the team of experts may fail to resolve.

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/what-should-i-do-to-activate-bullguard-license-key.html

What are the suggestions of BullGuard against online banking crime?

Nowadays online shopping and online transactions are in trend. This is the reason that everyone knows the security tips to stay secure against online threats cybercrime. If you have BullGuard Antivirus then, you be assured that you are protected. People use online banking at their convenience to manage their finances. It is very important that you should know the way to secure yourself against scammers, hackers, and frauds.

The vital thing is to remember online bank crime and BullGuard protects against online banking crime with a few tips. As it is almost impossible for hackers to get into your account even if they have any details. They will ask for almost complete details on the bank card.

Table Of Content:

BullGuard Suggestions for Banking Security
Does it Ransomware behind banking frauds?
Install BullGuard Robust Antivirus Software

BullGuard Suggestions for Banking Security

BullGuard antivirus takes care of your device to keep you secure against online fraud, scams, and cybercrimes. Let’s move ahead with the security tips.

Identify Fake Virus Scanners

A fake security software program is a medium to embed viruses onto the PC. It notifies and tells your PC to keep you protected and suggests you download the free software. There is lots of fake software and the names change constantly but you can look for Cloud AV, Antivirus Suite, and smart Anti-Malware security.

Avoid Unencrypted Websites

Be habitual of checking the browser bar while using websites where you have filled the transaction form or entered the information. It is strongly suggested to shop or login in to online banking when the web address doesn’t start with ‘HTTP. Also don’t shop with those websites that appear without a lock icon on the address bar. It means that the data isn’t encrypted which means that it can be shown by others and stolen.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi Network

Almost every café, railway station, and the library has its own Wi-Fi network. Hackers set up a fake Wi-Fi network that looks like an official. The main goal is to allow people to log in to the network so that hackers can install malware on the device. Malware can grab the password and financial details. If you are not sure about the reality of the public Wi-Fi network check the member or staff name. It is also a great idea to turn the Wi-Fi off when you are not using it on a device that can easily connect to an unknown network.

Don’t Use Simple Passwords

Avoid using easy to guess passwords like “123456789” as it is very common passwords that are used by a lot of people. Anyone can easily crack passwords and the simplest thing in this world for the thief is to break such password and banking details.

It is an unlimited thing that you need a tough password to secure yourself. Never share your login IDs either by email or on the phone. The vital thing is that your bank and other organization will never ask these in such away.

Delete Bank Receipt Mails

It is highly recommended to delete all emails that have bank-related information included. Such emails have bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, or passwords as well. If your mail account has been hacked then, the hacker might get your bank details. So, deleting those emails will be a smart choice. If you need that email in the future then, you can get that by logging into your net banking. BullGuard protects against online banking crime by securing your Mail account using Spam filter.

Never Share Bank Details with Anyone

Some hackers plan to rob you on call and such calls come from an unknown and unusual number. Hackers on call will tell you that they are from your bank end and come with some offer. They might say that your card or account is going to be blocked. They try to convince you on call to provide your bank details to them. Be alert as banks will never ask for such private information.

Does it Ransomware behind banking frauds?

Ransomware has become one of the most offensive malware types out of there. Although it is not a tool for hacking into an online account but, it would be careless if someone mention it. Ransomware commonly spreads through phishing emails that claim to be from the postal services, bank, or reliable outfit.

Ransomware is very famous among cyber thieves as it brings high returns for a bit of risk. The vital thing is to avoid those emails which aren’t expected. Also, never click on a link or open an attachment that is embedded with unknown emails.

Install BullGuard Robust Antivirus Software

The best way to stay prevented against such vulnerabilities is to install BullGuard antivirus software on your device. BullGuard protects against online banking crime by identifying and blocking malware from entering your system. It also flags up suspicious websites and blocks phishing emails as well. Internet security provides multiple-layered security to detect all kinds of malware that including Ransomware too. It will also notify you about suspicious websites that keep you secure from suspicious links.

Wrap Up-

Without BullGuard Internet security, you cannot keep your device completely safe against such risks. This security suite is ideal to protect online bank accounts and internet privacy.

Source Url: http://www.apsense.com/article/what-are-the-suggestions-of-bullguard-against-online-banking-crime.html

Is BullGuard the best antivirus for Mac in 2022?

Mac OS always stays in trend and the credit goes to its fast performance. BullGuard has made security more powerful when it comes to Mac Devices. This is the reason that one should choose BullGuard in 2022 as it helps to keep their Mac devices secured.

Table Of Content:

  • A short story on Mac Security
  • What does BullGuard do for Mac Security?
  • How can I install BullGuard on Mac OS?
  • A few strong features include in BullGuard for Mac

A short story on Mac Security

Mac is already secured with the in-built security that works on the front foot for robust security. It is possible to keep your Mac secured by avoiding suspicious websites or just by downloading applications from a trusted source. You cannot keep your system secured at all times just by avoiding fake apps and websites and this is the place where you need BullGuard Antivirus best for Mac in 2022 for comprehensive security.

What does BullGuard do for Mac Security?

BullGuard is ideal for Mac and it is really simple and the primary window includes a green checkmark that says whether your Mac is secure and then there is a scanning panel, a quarantine panel underneath, and a real-time protection panel that links to support and the account just right at the bottom.

How can I install BullGuard on Mac OS?

You can easily install BullGuard antivirus on the Mac and for that, you have to move ahead with a few steps which are mentioned below-

  • First of all, download the BullGuard Firewall software from the authorized website
  • Open the downloaded software file to start the installation
  • Click on the Certainly option that appears in the dialog box to apply the changes on the devices on which you have installed it
  • When you are done with the installation then, install the app from the interface by clicking on the “Install Now” option
  • Wait unless the software has completed its loading procedure on your Mac display
  • After that, choose the area where it should be installed and wait for the software to be installed on the infected hard drive of the PC before moving ahead to the next step
  • Click on the “Finish” option to complete the BullGuard antivirus installation

Now feel free while using your Mac devices as BullGuard is taking care of the data and files which are available on the Mac devices.

A few strong features include in BullGuard for Mac

BullGuard antivirus comes with a sort of feature that will take care of your Mac devices on a vast and high level.

Improved Next Gen Anti-Malware

This is the new protection era and with the next-gen anti-malware, one can get intelligent triple layer protection. In an independent test, BullGuard has become on the top. Furthermore, improvements include vulnerability scanning, improved behavioral detection, and automatic detection of unsigned drivers. If BullGuard detects any malware, it will lock it down and then neutralize it by quarantining it before infection can take place. It will never sleep and work 24*7 on the alert for the intruders.

Enhanced and Robust Protection

Enhancements consist of an improved vulnerability scanner interface that allows the users to understand their current security immediately and exposure levels. The enhanced protection against behavioral-based threats includes greater stability, cure, and detection with the regular policy updates delivered flawlessly to all of the endpoints.

It flags Windows security updates automatically that can be now viewed directly from the BullGuard Interface. The new Autorun feature for the removal media will allow the users to turn Autorun off to ensure if malware won’t automatically run if infected removal media will be connected to the device.

Parental Control

Children love to use computers and they spend a long time alone on them and hence, Parental Control is demanded there. If the parents are not sure that what websites their children are visiting or what are they watching, then Parental control will be there to tell you everything. It monitors kids’ devices secretly and will let you know about each and every activity. Parental also can block access to suspicious websites and keep search filters in place so that kids can spend a limited time on devices.

Efficient Game Booster

There is no need to choose between security and speed when it comes to playing games as BullGuard has both. BullGuard has expanded the game booster feature in the Internet security version and it works well in enhancing gaming performance. There is no need to install security for it as t makes the Mac run games fast. BullGuard game booster does its duty very dedicatedly to provide hassle-free performance to the gamers.

Wrap Up-

BullGuard for Mac devices is very basic and to the point, that this protection feels like an addition. Never rely on the in-built security program, of your device because that isn’t enough for advanced security against viruses, threats, and malware. Just install it on your device and feel free to choose it for your Android, Windows devices too.   

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/is-bullguard-the-best-antivirus-for-mac-in-2022.html       

Does BullGuard VPN charge a cost to use it for online privacy?

VPN is the best tool as it helps to encrypt the internet traffic between the PC and the destination PC that is important specifically while using a café, airport, or the open Wi-Fi service of hotels. VPN will protect you from other guests or hackers from stealing personal details like debit/credit card numbers and passwords or bank account details.

Table Of Content:

  • Introduction to VPN costs
  • What does VPN do for protecting online privacy?
  • How beneficial and affordable is BullGuard VPN?

Introduction to VPN costs

Running VPN service costs money and you need servers and data lines with lots of bandwidth or you prefer to pay a third-party provider who provides you with the charges and infrastructure for every data packet which speeds up across the network. Many users think that BullGuard VPN charges the cost to use it for online privacy and they are right but how much they will need to pay is mentioned here. Therefore, if you are running a free VPN Service then, what is the thing for which you pay?

  • There is a possibility that some of the free VPNs are designed by cyber crooks and criminals. A VPN is an ideal way to grab credentials and in short, you basically virtually hand over precious information.
  • Socially and university-minded groups provide free VPNs but they are not commonly backed up with good resources as it is too costly. As result, it will slowdown the service and even breaks up the service to a halt.
  • Other free VPNs are designed specifically to collect information while using the services. This is the reason that they have done this is unseen, but certainly, the data will be used in future at some point that likely sold to the advertisers.

What does VPN do for protecting online privacy?

VPN providers will store some data and these logs help in important purposes to ensure that the servers run smoothly. It will also stop unsavory individuals from using that service in a bad way. The data amount collected in this way cab depends on the provider. Moreover, this data can commonly be categorized under one of the four categories.

VPN creates a data tunnel significantly between the local network and an exit node in another location that could be hundreds of miles away and make it looks as if you are in another place. It will allow online freedom, or the capability to get access to favorite apps and websites while traveling.

How beneficial and affordable is BullGuard VPN?

Of course, VPNs are a very important tool when it comes to keeping you safe and secure while being online. This is the only motive of BullGuard to keep everything secure and safe. You can use the BullGuard VPN service at a very economical rate.

You can use BullGuard VPN for free for 30 days with money-back assurance. There is no need to pay on monthly basis and there is only a need to pay for a 1-year subscription after the guarantee period. BullGuard VPN delivered a refund quickly and didn’t try to keep me as a customer.

  • It assures that there will be no throttling at that time when VPN Network will be busy that is the thing which some vendors do
  • It won’t accumulate logs that give online details to customers whereas some vendors actually do it
  • If you are using a PC or Smartphone on public Wi-Fi in the café or want to check online bank accounts from the airport or shopping center, BullGuard VPN will keep everything secure and safe.
  • It changes the IP Address so that your location is obscured and takes the help of military-grade encryption to keep the data secured by encrypting them so that no one can see the websites which you visit, the information you enter, and files that you download.

BullGuard VPN is highly functional and it prevents the IP address and other sensitive data that is being broadcast through an unsecured connection. It also ensures when you should disconnect the VPN for any reason. The users should enable the auto-connect or kill the switch feature on the device and the VPN will work fantastically for rest and keep you secure all the time.

Wrap Up-

Free VPNs are not free even BullGuard too and will cost you something at some point whether it is a browser that has ads or in the worst case all of the banking details that are drawn off to the servers run by the cybercriminals.

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/does-bullguard-vpn-charge-a-cost-to-use-it-for-online-privacy.html

Does BullGuard protect Office 365 users against scams?

Office 365 users are vulnerable and they are being targeted by cunning and vast phishing campaigns. Such phishing is designed specifically to steal the usernames and passwords of Office 365 users. BullGuard helps to protect Office 365 users against cunning scams and fraud.

Table Of Content:

  • How do these cunning scams work?
  • Scams prevention tips to keep in mind
  • Install BullGuard Internet Security Software on the device
  • Wrap Up-

How do these cunning scams work?

The attack generally uses multiple links and click on the results that appear in the redirections series which lead the victims to the Google reCAPTCHA page that will become the reason behind a bogus login page where Office 365 credentials will get stolen. BullGuard protect Office 365 users against scams and comes with a few prevention tips which are mentioned in this post.

This certain attack depends on the email marketing and sales tool that is known as ‘open redirects’. Unfortunately, the attack depends on the suggestion for the users to locate over a link in the email for checking the destination before clicking in it that reveals whether the email is a scam or authentic.

If the email recipient will hover their cursor over the button or link in the email, they appear in the full URL. Because the attacks have used open redirect links that use a trusted service and the users will see a trusted domain name that is linked with the company which they know and actually trusts. Such a website domain has a malicious link that will redirect the people to a webpage that grabs their credentials.

Online public sale fraud is one of the most common types of online fraud. And obvious buyers are the most affected and some have been delivered damaged products or no products at all. Others have had their bank accounts or credit cards get hacked. The command can be fun, exciting and can result in an awesome agreement.

But BullGuard Internet Security dangers you are experienced with when command even on trusted auction sites are numerous. This is the reason; it is very important which you take some precautionary measures before schemes.

Scams prevention tips to keep in mind

What payment method do you have to prefer? When it comes to money, the preference is out and security is in. The most famous payment for the items purchased at online auction – and suggested by internet security experts is through the trusted third-party payment services such as PayPal. This third-party payment service allows you to make safe and secure payments without providing credit card information to the sellers.

  • The least confident method of payment is the one via wire transfers because you get nothing in receipt and the bank account number is visible to the seller.
  • You should decide and make sure the payment method via third-party payment services only to ensure-
  • Never use them from the Wi-Fi network in airports, coffee shops, or other public places, as these networks aren’t secured. They are open to the potential hackers who might get the internet security vulnerable to obstruct the transaction and redirect the transfers to their accounts as well.
  • Never get trapped with email phishing scams as cyber crooks send phone emails on the behalf of popular payment services. They commonly say there is an issue with your account and ask for personal information such as bank account number and credit card, driver’s license, and password. But authorized third-party won’t do this ever.

Install BullGuard Internet Security Software on the device

When browsing the web for bargains, you might trap with internet security threats and scams, fake auction sites, malware-infected browser add-ins, phishing attempts, drive-by downloads, and many more. Before any harm, you should get BullGuard Internet security on your device. Apart from its state-of-the-art antivirus engine, it provides you with an Anti-phishing tool- a Spamfilter, a Firewall, and various other security features.

Wrap Up-

If you want to play it safe then, it is recommended to stay with trusted online auction sites and remember to do your research first and install the one which suits your need.

How does BullGuard protect against online shopping scams?

BullGuard takes care of your need and hence, it will protect you against online shopping scams. Nowadays, people love to use online shopping because of its simple and fast service. There are a lot of authorized online shopping apps that have a variety of dresses to choose from at a very reasonable rate from home.

Table Of Content:

  • How to recognize fake shopping websites?
    How do they infect the devices?
    What does BullGuard Suggest against such scams?

How to recognize fake shopping websites?

Although genuine websites use cookies for sending their offers to keep the buyers updated and they also ask to accept cookies with terms and conditions. Fake websites do the same to trap you. It comes with a lottery offer; prizes that are really touching to trust. Sometimes, you will be asked to enter your card details to get 90% off on any products, when you enter those details everything will be ruined. Not all websites are fake, but if you are trying a new website for shopping then, choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) option instead of keeping orders prepaid. If there is no such option of COD then, it probably is a scam and BullGuard protects against online shopping scams so, install this security software and move safely.

How do they infect the devices?

Fake websites use different ways to infect your devices and because it is a scam so, it is highly suggested to detect such things immediately.

Cyber crooks take the help of automated software that cycles via thousands of potential password combinations in a very few minutes. If you choose a simple password then there is a big chance that it can be hacked very easily.

Phishing emails look genuine and it might say something like, ‘we believe the account might have been compromised and we will sort it out by clicking on this link”. When you click on that link, you will be redirected to a new webpage where the hackers will ask for the account details. Never provide personal or bank details to anyone.

Malware like spyware and Trojans can be easily embedded on unsecured devices whether it is a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or the fixed desktop PC. It also can be delivered through online ads and software programs, pop-ups, email attachments, downloaded files, and infected links as well.

What does BullGuard Suggest against such scams?

BullGuard says to keep calm and continue online shopping but by keeping a few safety tips in mind to stay prevented against such scams.

  • It is advisable to use BullGuard antivirus or any other if you trust or if it promises to detect and block malware as quick as it tries to download on the device
    Never enter personal detail if asked to do so. Such requests commonly come in the face of an email that looks genuine. The main thing to keep in mind is that no trusted organization like banks will even ask for such personal data like passwords and it also applies to phone calls and texts.
    Only shop from those websites you are familiar with. Never get trapped by tempted ‘Fantastic’ offers which look to be too good to be genuine. They are scams and designed with the intention to steal personal data.
    Create a Strong Password for the accounts, specifically at least 10 characters that have upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. It might be tough to remember these so, it is advisable to use a password manager.
    Never save payment card information on the websites or in the browser. Unprotected browsers might be hacked and onl9ine stored which actually saves the payment card details and can be hacked.

Making use of two-factor authentication is very much suggested as no one can have access to your personal details, internet banking, saved card details, or account without a PIN or password which you got through call or text.


Online Fraud is extremely common but you might stay prevented from it if you have BullGuard Premium Protection that comes with identity protection. It alerts you if the payment card information is leaked in front of hackers. BullGuard has VPN which is ideally designed to stop hackers who steal your data as it leaves your PC and travels to the website.

Source Url: https://bullguarduksupport.weebly.com/blog/how-does-bullguard-protect-against-online-shopping-scams

BullGuard Helps to avoid virus infections at the first place

If BullGuard antivirus is up-to-date then, you can fight against virus infection in the very first place before it can cause any damage to your PC. You will found a message that will say that it has found a virus on the PC and has got rid of it as well.

Table Of Content:

  • Symptoms of PC infection
  • How to avoid infection at first place: BullGuard?
  • Things to do if the suspect virus in your PC
  • Symptoms of PC infection

There are a few symptoms of infected PC which can be detected anytime and BullGuard avoids virus infection at the first place by using a few tips mentioned below.

  • BullGuard Helps to avoid virus infections at the first place
  • PC stops responding or gets locked frequently
  • The device starts running slower than normal
  • Strange error messages you can’t access certain drives
  • PC crashes and restarts at every minute
  • Some apps stop running and some of them won’t open
  • Some dialog boxes and menus look distorted or odd
  • Hardware will no longer be there to respond to the commands
  • There are fluctuations in file sizes and you don’t have access to them
  • The firewall will alert you that unknown apps are trying to connect the internet connection
  • Internet connection stops working or becomes slow without having an issue with the router service provider
  • Some of the files have automatically deleted, encrypted, or moved to the different folder
  • Language in certain apps started changing suddenly
  • Strange music or sounds start playing from the speakers automatically
  • The unused space on the hard drive will disappear
  • New icons appear on the desktop of the blue
  • PC opens internet sessions or apps on its own
  • Web browsers come with that page which you haven’t asked for
  • CD-ROM drive tray closes and opens by itself
  • Library files for running programs or games are missing

How to avoid infection at first place: BullGuard?

You can stay prevented against most viruses from system entrance by following a few safe computer and internet habits. BullGuard suggests a few safety tips which you should follow-

Keep software up-to-date all-time- programs vulnerabilities that you use, like operating systems, are just like unlocked doors for viruses or malware, hence it is tough to fix them by getting regular updates and patches from the software service provider. Some of them will be downloaded automatically but some of the others need your care and that might turn into a task that will be irritating. Hence, use a vulnerability scanner that BullGuard Internet Security offers and it will take care of your programs.

Be habitual of playing it safe and secure- Be careful of your download and where you download it from. It is advisable to not open unknown and un-trusted attachments from sources. Never connect other USB drives of the people to the PC, even if they are your family member or friend.

Install an active and updated antivirus software- The more effective and advanced it is, the better it will safeguard you against malware waves clicking the web every day

Things to do if the suspect virus in your PC

First and foremost thing you have to enable the security software. If you using signature-based, traditional antivirus, ensure that it is active and updated properly and scan your PC. If the active program doesn’t find a virus, it doesn’t mean that you have got none. But there is no need to search for it you. You only have to look for another security solution for running on your PC and spot the PC. You can try a free BullGuard Internet Security trial for comprehensive security.

If it turns out a virus by the antivirus there is a chance that it hit between the updates it is so new, the signature has not been recognized yet. This is the place where advanced ad innovative detection technology comes in handy and what you will get by using BullGuard Internet Security that is on rising when it comes to behavioral detection and fight against new and unknown viruses.

Source Url: https://bullguarduksupport.weebly.com/blog/bullguard-helps-to-avoid-virus-infections-at-the-first-place

How BullGuard protects against spoofing threats on the Internet?

Spoofing calls still exist offline and they target cell phone numbers but people have now forgotten such threats. Apart from online internet security danger, your personal stuff is not even secure offline. This all is because of spoofing calls but it is always recommended BullGuard always takes care of your privacy when it comes to protecting you against such calls.

  • Table Of Content:
    Spoofing Versus Phishing
    Common Spoofing Forms
    Protection against Spoofers: BullGuard
    Bottom Line-

Spoofing Versus Phishing

A common misconception about spoofing is that it is as same as phishing. In fact, there are two different kinds of internet security threats but they are tied to one another very strongly. Spoofing refers to the way through which cyber crooks trick the target by talking identity of a well-known trustworthy thing. Phishing, on the other hand, is the way to trick someone to give their private information like bank or social account details and credit/debit card details.

Common Spoofing Forms

URL Spoofing- In some internet security scams, cyber crooks reproduce trusted webpages and then send web address that looks like legitimate in scam emails to the web users or place on other sites. When the user clicks on it, they will be redirected to that site that is malicious which exploits vulnerabilities of a web browser.

Email Spoofing- The sender's signature and the address will appear as the email was sent by the company or person. To make the email look reliable, or legitimate, cybercrooks have spoofed email sender that is listed by names of renowned websites and banks like Amazon, Paypal, and eBay and continues to do so.

IP Spoofing- Hackers can get unauthorized access to PC networks by making the IP Address of the PC that looks like one of the trusted PC. This way they can conduct network attacks and look being conducted by another body.

Wi-Fi Spoofing- Some Wi-Fi hotspots can look as legitimate as the trusted companies, but they are set up by cyber-crooks who steal data that is sent or received by the users.

Spoofing files on File sharing app- Not all the files you receive on popular file-sharing platforms are trustworthy. Some of them might look like it is real with the name/author/title, but they might be fake and come with some type of malware.

Protection against Spoofers: BullGuard

BullGuard Internet Security comes in the light and it protects yourself and the device from the threats which are mentioned above.

Be suspicious of emails that ask for providing personal information and it doesn’t matter if the sender is trustworthy. Make sure that the bank will never ask for credit card information through email.

Facebook will never ask for such details including account credentials. If you get an email from them linking for their site, never click on the link that is provided. Open the respective site from a new window, to avoid accessing a fake one.

Never trust when it comes to the privacy of file-sharing platforms. It is best if you have your own security in place, effective security software offered by BullGuard Internet Security. The antivirus engine will keep your PC secured even from the advanced malware forms.

Always stay updated and keep yourself informed about the new phishing methods and for additional security, it is recommended to install the BullGuard Internet Security suite that comes with such features.

BullGuard Firewall is also effective as it will counter any network attacks on PC that are done by the hackers
Be careful with the public Wi-Fi hotspot and it is best when you aren’t shopping or making online transactions because you never know who is watching your transaction to steal the financial details

Bottom Line-

BullGuard Internet Security definitely will keep you secured all the time against such internet hacking and internet threats. You can keep everything secure against internet hackers and cybercriminals.

Source Url: https://bullguarduksupport.weebly.com/blog/how-bullguard-protects-against-spoofing-threats-on-the-internet

Can I uninstall BullGuard internet Security completely?

BullGuard Internet Security cannot be uninstalled easily because of many other issues. Where there is an incomplete un-installation there will be so many problems occur while installing a new one. Hence, it is very much necessary to uninstall BullGuard Internet Security and remove all of the files.

Table Of Content:

  • Consequences of Uninstalling Antivirus
  • Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security Programs & Features
  • Un-installation with BullGuard uninstaller.exe
  • Uninstall via System Restore
  • Uninstall via Internet Security with Antivirus
  • Conclusion-

Consequences of Uninstalling Antivirus

Well, it is never suggested to uninstall any security software because it is the only thing that is into the PC’s security to keep everything safe and secure. When your PC is running without antivirus, it will go into danger. Hence, it is always trying to fix the bugs instead of uninstalling the BullGuard antivirus. Follow the below-given methods to Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security completely from your device.

Uninstall BullGuard Internet Security Programs & Features

Once a new software program is installed on the system, that program will be added to the Programs and Features list. And while uninstalling that program, you can take the help of such a list and for that, go to that list to uninstall it. Let’s move ahead with the first fixing to uninstall it through Programs and Features.

  • Open Programs and Features-

On Windows 7- Click on Start, type uninstall a program in the Search programs and files box, and click on the appeared result

On Windows 8/10- Open WinX Menu by pressing Windows and X key simultaneously and click on Programs and Features

  • Now, navigate the BullGuard Internet Security from appeared list and after that, choose it and click on Uninstall to start the Un-installation procedure.

Un-installation with BullGuard uninstaller.exe

Most of the PC programs have an executable file with the name uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or ailed like this. You will get these files in the Internet Security installation folder. To uninstall it-

  • Navigate the installation folder of BullGuard Internet Security
  • Now, locate the uninstall.exe or unins000.exe
  • After that, double-click on the uninstaller and follow the wizard for un-installing BullGuard Internet Security

Uninstall via System Restore

Windows operating systems have System Restore and it helps the PC users to restore the system to the previous state and uninstall programs that interfere with the OS of the PC. If you have created a system restore point before installing a program and after that, you can take the help of System Restore to restore the system, and remove unwanted programs which you no longer want to have. Back up the personal files and data before restoring the system.

  • First of all, close all opened files and programs in the background
  • Right-click on the PC appears on the desktop and, then choose Properties and the system window will be there
  • Click on the System Protection on the left side of the System Window. The System Properties window will appear
  • Click on the System Restore and the window will be then appeared

Now, go to Select a different restore point and click on Next and you will know that all the drivers and programs installed after the chosen time and date might not work and might be reinstalled

  • Click on Finish when the window appears that says ‘Confirm your restore point’
  • After that, click on Yes to confirm again

Uninstall via Internet Security with Antivirus

PC malware appears like common PC apps but they are tough to remove from the PC. Such malware gets into PC with the help of spyware and Trojans. They commonly get installed on the PC by packaging with freeware software like video games, recording, or PDF convertors. They easily can bypass the antivirus programs detect on the system.


There are a lot of ways to uninstall BullGuard Internet Security and all of them are mentioned above. Choose the one which suits you and uninstall this software program completely from your device and you are all set with the un-installation.

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BullGuard Rejects Login on the systems: Quick Fix

BullGuard antivirus protects up to 6 devices simultaneously using a single license key. There are instances when BullGuard rejects the login on your device and this is the reason due to which the users get stuck. This security software provides good and powerful security to the devices and each device must have a BullGuard Login facility.

Table Of Content:

  • What is BullGuard Antivirus Plan?
  • Add Another device to BullGuard Account
  • The reason behind BullGuard Login rejection on systems
  • Resolution for BullGuard Login Error
  • What to do in case of a BullGuard server error?
  • Wrap Up-

What is BullGuard Antivirus Plan?

BullGuard antivirus offers advanced security to your devices when it comes to keeping the devices completely secured against viruses, malware, and threats. It is known for providing excellent security to six devices altogether on almost all OS. It has never been simpler to have comprehensive online security and complete Internet Freedom if you don’t have BullGuard Antivirus. It allows you to protect your device from almost all dangerous bugs which might harm your PC. In case, if BullGuard rejects Login on the systems then, you should move ahead with a few troubleshoot steps.

Add Another device to BullGuard Account

You can add another device to BullGuard's account and for that, you have to log in to My Account appears on the device on which you want to install BullGuard. Click on the Download that appears in the My Subscriptions. All you have to do is to run the installer from the Downloads folder and then, follow the on-screen instructions. Now, enter the BullGuard username and password and then, connect with the BullGuard.

The reason behind BullGuard Login rejection on systems

The above-given steps are ideal to add the devices to the BullGuard account and in case, if you have entered a username and password and you aren’t allowed to log in to the account then, there might be a typo error in the entered credentials. Apart from this, if you have entered the correct credentials and still facing login failure issues on several devices then, check the Internet Connection before logging into the BullGuard account. If both of them are correct and you aren’t able to login to BullGuard account on several devices then, there might be a server error behind it.

Resolution for BullGuard Login Error

There might be a BullGuard login error behind this and hence, it is recommended to follow a few steps which are mentioned below.

Check the Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing you should do to fix the login error is to check the internet connection. This is the way through which one can get rid of this error. An internet connection is mandatory when it comes to login into BullGuard account or even if there is any protection-related concern.

Check the entered BullGuard credentials

The next fixings to get rid of this error are to check the entered BullGuard Credentials. In case if you have entered the wrong email address or password then, you will need to change it to the correct form. Check the email address along with the symbol and caps. The same goes with passwords too, in case if you have provided the wrong password then, BullGuard won’t allow you to log in to the account.

In case, if you have entered the correct email address and forgot the BullGuard account password then, click on the below link that asks “Forgotten password”. Click on that link and then, you will be redirected to the password recovery page, and there, enter the details which you are asked for.

What to do in case of a BullGuard server error?

If BullGuard isn’t allowing you to sign in to an account on different devices then, there might be a server error behind it. This is because you have already checked the entered BullGuard account credentials and have assured that you have a good internet connection. If even after that, you aren’t able to login to your BullGuard then, there might be a server error behind it. In such a case, you should wait for a while or just get expert guidance for the further steps.

Wrap Up-

BullGuard antivirus has will never let you down with any protection related issues but if in case, if you aren’t able to log in to BullGuard on different systems then, there are a few things that you have to check, and if there is a server error behind it then, wait for a few minutes unless it gets repaired.

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/bullguard-rejects-login-on-the-systems-quick-fix.html