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Does BullGuard VPN charge a cost to use it for online privacy?

VPN is the best tool as it helps to encrypt the internet traffic between the PC and the destination PC that is important specifically while using a café, airport, or the open Wi-Fi service of hotels. VPN will protect you from other guests or hackers from stealing personal details like debit/credit card numbers and passwords or bank account details.

Table Of Content:

  • Introduction to VPN costs
  • What does VPN do for protecting online privacy?
  • How beneficial and affordable is BullGuard VPN?

Introduction to VPN costs

Running VPN service costs money and you need servers and data lines with lots of bandwidth or you prefer to pay a third-party provider who provides you with the charges and infrastructure for every data packet which speeds up across the network. Many users think that BullGuard VPN charges the cost to use it for online privacy and they are right but how much they will need to pay is mentioned here. Therefore, if you are running a free VPN Service then, what is the thing for which you pay?

  • There is a possibility that some of the free VPNs are designed by cyber crooks and criminals. A VPN is an ideal way to grab credentials and in short, you basically virtually hand over precious information.
  • Socially and university-minded groups provide free VPNs but they are not commonly backed up with good resources as it is too costly. As result, it will slowdown the service and even breaks up the service to a halt.
  • Other free VPNs are designed specifically to collect information while using the services. This is the reason that they have done this is unseen, but certainly, the data will be used in future at some point that likely sold to the advertisers.

What does VPN do for protecting online privacy?

VPN providers will store some data and these logs help in important purposes to ensure that the servers run smoothly. It will also stop unsavory individuals from using that service in a bad way. The data amount collected in this way cab depends on the provider. Moreover, this data can commonly be categorized under one of the four categories.

VPN creates a data tunnel significantly between the local network and an exit node in another location that could be hundreds of miles away and make it looks as if you are in another place. It will allow online freedom, or the capability to get access to favorite apps and websites while traveling.

How beneficial and affordable is BullGuard VPN?

Of course, VPNs are a very important tool when it comes to keeping you safe and secure while being online. This is the only motive of BullGuard to keep everything secure and safe. You can use the BullGuard VPN service at a very economical rate.

You can use BullGuard VPN for free for 30 days with money-back assurance. There is no need to pay on monthly basis and there is only a need to pay for a 1-year subscription after the guarantee period. BullGuard VPN delivered a refund quickly and didn’t try to keep me as a customer.

  • It assures that there will be no throttling at that time when VPN Network will be busy that is the thing which some vendors do
  • It won’t accumulate logs that give online details to customers whereas some vendors actually do it
  • If you are using a PC or Smartphone on public Wi-Fi in the café or want to check online bank accounts from the airport or shopping center, BullGuard VPN will keep everything secure and safe.
  • It changes the IP Address so that your location is obscured and takes the help of military-grade encryption to keep the data secured by encrypting them so that no one can see the websites which you visit, the information you enter, and files that you download.

BullGuard VPN is highly functional and it prevents the IP address and other sensitive data that is being broadcast through an unsecured connection. It also ensures when you should disconnect the VPN for any reason. The users should enable the auto-connect or kill the switch feature on the device and the VPN will work fantastically for rest and keep you secure all the time.

Wrap Up-

Free VPNs are not free even BullGuard too and will cost you something at some point whether it is a browser that has ads or in the worst case all of the banking details that are drawn off to the servers run by the cybercriminals.

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/does-bullguard-vpn-charge-a-cost-to-use-it-for-online-privacy.html

BullGuard Helps to avoid virus infections at the first place

If BullGuard antivirus is up-to-date then, you can fight against virus infection in the very first place before it can cause any damage to your PC. You will found a message that will say that it has found a virus on the PC and has got rid of it as well.

Table Of Content:

  • Symptoms of PC infection
  • How to avoid infection at first place: BullGuard?
  • Things to do if the suspect virus in your PC
  • Symptoms of PC infection

There are a few symptoms of infected PC which can be detected anytime and BullGuard avoids virus infection at the first place by using a few tips mentioned below.

  • BullGuard Helps to avoid virus infections at the first place
  • PC stops responding or gets locked frequently
  • The device starts running slower than normal
  • Strange error messages you can’t access certain drives
  • PC crashes and restarts at every minute
  • Some apps stop running and some of them won’t open
  • Some dialog boxes and menus look distorted or odd
  • Hardware will no longer be there to respond to the commands
  • There are fluctuations in file sizes and you don’t have access to them
  • The firewall will alert you that unknown apps are trying to connect the internet connection
  • Internet connection stops working or becomes slow without having an issue with the router service provider
  • Some of the files have automatically deleted, encrypted, or moved to the different folder
  • Language in certain apps started changing suddenly
  • Strange music or sounds start playing from the speakers automatically
  • The unused space on the hard drive will disappear
  • New icons appear on the desktop of the blue
  • PC opens internet sessions or apps on its own
  • Web browsers come with that page which you haven’t asked for
  • CD-ROM drive tray closes and opens by itself
  • Library files for running programs or games are missing

How to avoid infection at first place: BullGuard?

You can stay prevented against most viruses from system entrance by following a few safe computer and internet habits. BullGuard suggests a few safety tips which you should follow-

Keep software up-to-date all-time- programs vulnerabilities that you use, like operating systems, are just like unlocked doors for viruses or malware, hence it is tough to fix them by getting regular updates and patches from the software service provider. Some of them will be downloaded automatically but some of the others need your care and that might turn into a task that will be irritating. Hence, use a vulnerability scanner that BullGuard Internet Security offers and it will take care of your programs.

Be habitual of playing it safe and secure- Be careful of your download and where you download it from. It is advisable to not open unknown and un-trusted attachments from sources. Never connect other USB drives of the people to the PC, even if they are your family member or friend.

Install an active and updated antivirus software- The more effective and advanced it is, the better it will safeguard you against malware waves clicking the web every day

Things to do if the suspect virus in your PC

First and foremost thing you have to enable the security software. If you using signature-based, traditional antivirus, ensure that it is active and updated properly and scan your PC. If the active program doesn’t find a virus, it doesn’t mean that you have got none. But there is no need to search for it you. You only have to look for another security solution for running on your PC and spot the PC. You can try a free BullGuard Internet Security trial for comprehensive security.

If it turns out a virus by the antivirus there is a chance that it hit between the updates it is so new, the signature has not been recognized yet. This is the place where advanced ad innovative detection technology comes in handy and what you will get by using BullGuard Internet Security that is on rising when it comes to behavioral detection and fight against new and unknown viruses.

Source Url: https://bullguarduksupport.weebly.com/blog/bullguard-helps-to-avoid-virus-infections-at-the-first-place

Download BullGuard 2021 On Windows 10: Purpose And Procedure

People usually think that if any product’s version has been updated then there must be some updates in the procedures linked with the product too. The same goes with the BullGuard users too. This is the security software that comes with new updates and changes on a frequent basis and hence, people start thinking that the procedure linked with this software will change too. This is the guide for the BullGuard antivirus installation and downloads.

One can easily download BullGuard 2021 on Windows 10 and if the Windows user thinks that there are some changes linked with the procedure too because of the latest version 2021 then, they are wrong. Procedures will be the same but the user will need to update the Windows version to the latest one and after that, they will be able to download/install BullGuard on their device. We are here with the exact purpose and procedure to Download BullGuard 2021 on Windows 10 one by one.

Downloading procedure of BullGuard 2021 on Windows 10

BullGuard antivirus setup file can be easily downloaded but the user should make sure that the setup file should be downloaded from the authentic website. For that, you have to move ahead with the procedures which are mentioned below.

  • First of all, open a trusted browser
  • Now, go to BullGuard official website
  • There, you have to check for the “Download” option
  • Click on that option and wait for a few moments unless it gets downloaded
  • Save the file in the familiar location of your PC (commonly the downloaded file will be saved in the Downloads folder)

Before downloading it, make sure that you have a good internet/network connection and then, move ahead with the downloading procedure.

When the downloading procedure gets finished then, you will be able to install BullGuard antivirus on your Windows 10 device and move ahead with the next procedure.

BullGuard Installation Procedure

BullGuard antivirus can be easily installed and for that, all you need to do is to-

  • Go to the Download folder and search for the downloaded setup file
  • Click on that file to open it and then, you are at the main setup file
  • Hold on! Keep your device plugged into the charger socket to avoid shut down in between the installation procedure
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded setup file to initiate the installation
  • You should be not at the new page where you will be asked to tap on Yes for permitting the installation procedure

After that, you will be on the EULA screen (End User License Agreement) and there you should read the terms and conditions and if you are agreed with that then, click on the ‘I Agree’ option • Now, read the on-screen prompts and follow the dialogues by reading them carefully

Click on Install and wait for a while unless the installation procedure gets completed

When you are done then, you should move ahead with the on-screen prompts to complete the entire installation procedure.

You might be asked for account creation or if you have one then, you will need to login into your BullGuard account and then, activate your account

Purpose of installing BullGuard Antivirus

Everyone wants to have surety and when it comes to antivirus then, people want to be sure that what will they get after installing BullGuard on their device. We are here with the exact features that make the installation purpose worth it for your Windows 10.

Advanced Multi-Layered Security

When malware gets into your PC for infection, then the fast and light detection facility of signature-based will keep your device completely protected against the most common threats while the Sentry Behavioral engine secure against zero-day and other tough threats. The On-Access engine will keep you protected even if you have never tried manual scan and when you get connected to the network then, your network will be scanned with the help of advanced cloud detection technology as they indulge in the real-time without any need of a significant update on the device.

Scan for Vulnerability

It will effectively prevent apps that might have malware from downloading automatically and check the app and drivers' authentications by checking their digital signatures. It will alert you for the missing security updates and will tell you if you have connected with an insecure or unsafe Wi-Fi connection.

It will prevent applications that might include malware from downloading and checking it automatically by identifying their digital signature. It will also want you about the missing security updates and alert you in case if you have connected with an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

The elegant simple interface will allow you to detect the security issues at a glance that can be identified directly from the interface like applying it on Windows and vulnerable to Autorun settings. BullGuard antivirus has powerful protection that will work effectively against all malware like phishing attempts or the Trojans that are developed specifically to steal banking details.

Source Url: https://www.apsense.com/article/download-bullguard-2021-on-windows-10-purpose-and-procedure.html

How To Stay Protected Against Pegasus Spyware Using BullGuard?

Whatsapp has become the secret diary of every user. There are lots of sensitive conversations, shared files, documents, and many other private communication-related tasks done by Whatsapp because of easy access and simple user interface. Just imagine what will happen if your Whatsapp is hacked. Yes, Pegasus is a type of malicious software (spyware) that is designed to hack your Whatsapp.

According to research, this spyware has hacked so many Whatsapp Account due to which the private details and files get vulnerable. Spyware like Pegasus is designed to get access to your device and you don’t know about it. It collects the personal information and relays it back to whoever has designed it to spy on you.

If you have installed BullGuard Mobile Security or antivirus on your Smartphone, or computer, then you will be completely protected. In this guide, we will discuss the exact way to stay protected against Pegasus Spyware by using BullGuard and for that, you have to move ahead.

How to stay protected against Pegasus spyware using BullGuard?

What Pegasus actually is?

As per this report, Pegasus is “the ultimate spyware for Android and iOS device, and has been behind the “Most advanced attack ever seen”. The previous year, Whatsapp revealed that NSO’s software had been used for sending malware to more than 1,400 phones by misusing a zero-day vulnerability. Just by making a Whastapp call to the target device, malicious Pegasus code might be installed on the phone, even if the target never answered the call.

More currently NSO has started exposing vulnerabilities in the iMessage of Apple software by providing it backdoor access to millions of iPhones. Apple has said that it is continually updating software to stay protected against such attacks.

Does Pegasus Attack both Android and iOS devices?

Researchers from Lookout have revealed that Pegasus exists not only for iOS but for Android as well. For the latter, the malware has been dubbed Chrysaor and it is very similar to Pegasus, which attacks only iOS devices, but it is different in terms of the techniques it actually uses to infiltrate the device.

According to a report for iOS users, Pegasus relies on three zero-day (previously unknown) vulnerabilities which could be used to jailbreak remotely the device. A Zero-Day vulnerability means that the developers or software experts have learned about the flaw and as such, there is no such security patch to keep it protected against the flaw.

For Android, Chrysaor doesn’t depend on the zero-day vulnerability but rather than using an advanced rooting method is known as a Framaroot for installing surveillance on the targeted device.

How to stay protected against Cybercriminals?

Using a good Internet Security such as BullGuard Internet security, you can protect your PC, everything on it, and eventually yourself. The internet security version is a complication of different types of security tools like Antivirus, firewall, spam filter, and antispyware software.

Spyware removal Advice, Adware software solutions like BullGuard antispyware software blocks spyware trying to collect information covertly via the internet connection (same way Pegasus does) and you even don’t know about it. Removal of spyware can attack privacy by recording, passing on, and by abusing personal details that include bank details and it does all of it behind your back.

BullGuard antivirus software or blocker software will keep you completely safe and secure from the threats spyware poses. You can contact the technical experts at BullGuard Customer Care Help UK and get in touch with the experts for instant assistance. They have experience with BullGuard technical errors and issues and this is the reason that they will help you out with possible resolution regarding BullGuard-related errors and issues.

Source Url: https://www.bullguard-support.co.uk/how-to-stay-protected-against-pegasus-spyware-using-bullguard.php

What Should I Do To Unblock A Game Blocked By BullGuard?

BullGuard is not a new name in the market it is already very well known to people, as the security providing software program has been serving all the people for more than a decade now and therefore there is nothing that is more trustworthy for people than this one software program if they need to have security software installed on the computer for the safety and security of it from all the malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

The software program is very easy to be installed and also to be updated, and also the process of activation with the software program is an easy thing to be done, but all the workings of the software program are not just limited to these basic procedures, there is much more that comes associated with these software programs, and dealing with those procedures is not an easy thing to be done without proper technical knowledge and information regarding the world of techniques and features, here we will see solution for BullGuard blocking a game.

Easy identification of malicious programs:

The BullGuard antivirus software program is really very well known among people for the easy identification and for the early detection of the malicious programs and thus there is no other malware protection available for the users that is, as good as BullGuard antivirus software, but as there are so many technologies and features associated with the software program therefore due to certain glitches the software often ends up blocking some legitimate program taking it as a malware attacking program this generally is seen with the gaming software programs.

So, here further in the blog, we will see how the user can get the blocked game unblocked if it has been blocked because of the BullGuard firewall.

In order to fix this given issue the user should follow the steps given below:

  • The user should open the BullGuard firewall application on the system
    • Next, the user should go to the settings section from there the user should choose the antivirus option
    • After that, the user should go to advanced further should choose the tuning option
    • Next, the user should click the checkbox given next to skip files and folders
    • After that, the user should click on highlighted files and folders title
    • Next, the user should click on the “add icon”

Once the user will click on the add icon as given in the step above, the user will then be able to get the game added to the list of exceptions, and then the game will be unblocked and the user will be able to enjoy playing it.

If other than this, there is something else that has to be unblocked, then for that also the user should follow the same procedure, if the user needs to fix for any other issue related to the BullGuard antivirus software program, then, in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of experts at BullGuard Customer Helpline Service Number UK, also the experts can be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails. There is no such issue related to the software program that the team of technicians may fail to resolve the helplines are kept open for the users all the time, they can be connected for the required help as and when needed as per the comfort zone of the user. Taking help from the team of technicians is the best option for dealing with all the possible BullGuard issues and errors that the user may get to face while using the software program on the system.

Source Url: https://telegra.ph/What-Should-I-Do-To-Unblock-A-Game-Blocked-By-BullGuard-07-19

How To Do Online Transactions Safely Using BullGuard New Browser?

 BullGuard antivirus has so many features that will take care of your device against unwanted bugs and threats. By keeping cyber threats attacks in mind, BullGuard has released a new browser that will take care of your online activity. Yes, BullGuard has the capability to block all those websites and applications which are designed to steal your personal information and many more.

In this post, we will discuss the exact way to do online transactions safely using BullGuard New Browser. This secure browser will stop cyber-attacks dead and will keep you safe and secure while making online purchases.

BullGuard New Browser

Secure browsing is an essential new feature of the BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security that is available via the bespoke browser that has featured in all the aspects of a browser which you would expect like tabbed browsing, address bar hints, history, and many more like this.

Important of BullGuard Secure Browser

As we all know the importance of protection against malware. 350,000 new examples of malware are released every day as per the AV-Test Institute. Malware is a common tool for hackers all across the world, but stepping up a level in terms of hacker skills, browser attacks are equally tough and risky.

They target your browser deliberately to steal private and sensitive information like passwords, browsing histories, or payment card info, and so on. This all is very essential information for identity thieves and in a single stroke which they can get everything which they actually need to know about you.

This is a well-known browser attack method that contains browser hacking, man-in-the-browser attacks, process injection and remote control takeover, and rootkits. Every one of these describes that a different accessing method of the user’s browser through which they will steal information.

There are also malicious plugin extensions. You can come across these on the websites which provide free software downloads. They claim to make your browsing easier or faster or offer features like instant access to the desired websites. Although after downloading successfully, malicious code enters the browser and adapts the sensitive data to the hacker’s server.

Another browser hacking form takes place at the network level. A hacker actually spoofs a Domain Name Server that is also known as DNS to redirect the data from the browser to a fraud website which resembles the site which you are trying to reach like as an eCommerce retailer or even sometimes like a bank.

With the help of BullGuard Secure browser, you can keep yourself safe and secure while being online using some secure browsing tips. We are here with a few tips which you should follow while browsing.

Top Secure Browsing Tips- BullGuard New Secure Browser

BullGuard Secure Browser will keep you protected against these attacks which are mentioned below:

  • When you are planning to buy something online, you should buy a service or book travel, BullGuard secure browser will keep your payment card data safe and secure from browser attacks. • If you are accessing an online service such as YouTube, whether at home or from another location, BullGuard Secure Browser will ensure that your login credentials aren’t hacked • BullGuard Secure Browser identifies malicious websites so that you don’t access them mistakenly and unwittingly infect your PC with malware • With the help of BullGuard Browser, you can stay protected against spoofing attacks in which the hacker's set up websites that imitate the real thing like as an online retailer or bank • If you are concerned about the hackers accessing the browser history BullGuard Secure Browser will lock down the browsing cache and cookies so that they cannot be accessed

In short, the BullGuard Secure Browser will ensure that the browser-s security is nailed down and the network security is strong and that you don’t stray onto malicious websites. You can buy, shop, and book things online with complete safety and security.

You can call on BullGuard Helpline Number UK to get connected with the technical experts for any assistance. If you have installed BullGuard then, you will be completely safe and secure while online transactions. They have experienced dealing with BullGuard-related errors and issues so they will help you out.

Source Url: https://telegra.ph/How-To-Do-Online-Transactions-Safely-Using-BullGuard-New-Browser-07-09

How Does BullGuard Protect My Device Using Scanning Feature?

BullGuard antivirus takes care of your device whether you are using Windows or Android. BullGuard antivirus has all those features and security tools that will keep you protected all the time against viruses, malware, and threats. Because of having scanning features, it will scan your device against unwanted bugs that might harm your PC.

BullGuard has the capability to quarantine or remove those unwanted bugs which aren’t safe to open because of including viruses, or malware. After installing BullGuard antivirus, it is recommended to scan your PC for any possible viruses or threats. BullGuard protects the device using scanning feature. All scan activities are depended on the certain profiles that define which locations and the types of file which is required to be scanned and deal with the infections or viruses.

BullGuard Scanner: Scan your PC anytime in two ways

Through the Scan with BullGuard option: This option appears in the right-click menu of every file, drive, or folder that is known as a contextual menu scan

From the BullGuard Interface: By using the scan options from the Home screen appears on the main screen or the scanning options in the Antivirus section

Viruses Scan

With the BullGuard application, you can make the BullGuard scan your PC for threats in two different methods:

  • On the Home screen, you have to click on the Scan option and it will redirect you to a screen where you have the option to select the scanning type which you want to run
    • Within the Antivirus section, you can initiate the PC scanning by using either the Full Scan or Quick scan profiles.

Quick Scan- This scan profile has the capability to check the PC locations which are most likely to be targeted by the viruses. It will check for rootkits and then, scan the registry as well. All the running procedures and the temp files will be stored on the PC.

Custom Scans- If you have created profiles for certain scan tasks then, you have to click on this option to initiate the scan with the desired profile. To run a specific profile scan, you have to choose it and then, click on the Run Profile option. You can create custom Antivirus profiles

How long does BullGuard Scan take?

When it comes to scan time then, the scan time will depend on the chosen type, on general PC performance, and the number of files that are to be scanned. Also, it is suggested you allow BullGuard to finish the scan before conducting any intensive tasks on the PC because this will definitely affect the scanning time.

Contextual Menu Scans

The Contextual menu scan stands for the BullGuard integration of On Demand scan appears in the Windows right-click menu. This feature can be used for folders, files, drives, and works as the time-saving option for on-the-fly scans.

When it is used, it will conduct a thorough scan of the chosen target. This scan interface is quite similar to the On-Demand scans. If you have chosen the entire drive then, BullGuard will conduct a full scan of the drive and you will have to note that the total scan time will be based on the file type and size of the chosen item.

How does the Scan result look like?

After scanning your device, you must be looking for the scan results. We are here with the most common scan results which are found after scanning the device using BullGuard antivirus.

Scan Results

All Clear – If there are no threats then, BullGuard will appear a message accordingly. You can click on the View log to browse via the scan summary. When it is just completed, you will need to click on the Close option to close the window

Infections Found – If the scan found infections on your PC then, the results window will appear all the infected files. To get more details about that, you have to click on the Found Issues line

BullGuard will try to disinfect or move the infected files to Quarantine. Because quarantining a file will assure that it won’t be deleted in case it was a “false positive” detection case, so quarantine files can be recovered at any time. You can contact BullGuard Support Number to get in touch with the expert regarding the recovery of quarantined files.

Source url: https://telegra.ph/How-Does-BullGuard-Protect-My-Device-Using-Scanning-Feature-06-30

What To Do If The BullGuard Application Is Crashing Frequently?

BullGuard antivirus is designed by keeping advanced viruses, malware, and threats in mind. This security software is known for having a simple interface that allows you to customize security settings as required. It is highly recommended to install this security software on your device to get advanced protection.

Sometimes, you might get stuck when the BullGuard application is crashing frequently and in such case, there are some reasons behind the crashed BullGuard antivirus. We are here with all of the reasons and their resolutions. People love to use this security software because of the ease of using this application. BullGuard antivirus can be easily used as it has a simple user interface.

Resolution for BullGuard application is crashing error

Method 1- BullGuard antivirus is installed incorrectly - BullGuard antivirus is designed by keeping advanced viruses, malware, and threats in mind, and hence, people use it for comprehensive protection. If you haven’t installed BullGuard properly then, you might get stuck with this error and BullGuard starts crashing when you try to open it. In such a case, all you need to do is to uninstall BullGuard application from the Control panel and then, try to install it again.

Method 2- BullGuard Subscription Expired - If you think that your BullGuard antivirus is not working properly or crashing on a constant basis then, all you need to do is to check the subscription status. If the subscription is expired then, you have to check the status of the BullGuard antivirus subscription and buy the subscription immediately. To do that,

BullGuard Subscription Renewal

If you have installed BullGuard on your PC then, all you need to do is, use the license key to renew or upgrade the account

  • Now, open the BullGuard application and then, go to Settings and Account
    • After that, use the activation page to enter the username and password and the license key

Method 3- Check the Internet Connection-If there is a weak internet connection then, all you need to do is to check the network connection and then, try to use BullGuard antivirus. This security software requires a good internet connection to protect your device and if it is crashing your security software then, fix the network connectivity by contacting the network service provider.

Method 4- Malware Infected Computer- If BullGuard antivirus is crashing on your Windows PC then, you will need to check your PC for malware infection. This is a dangerous situation when your PC is infected with malware. Malware infection not only crash BullGuard but it also crashes other application and OS itself. Hence, it is required to conduct a malware scan of your device and restart your device again.

Method 5- Old BullGuard Version- If the BullGuard version is old then you won’t be able to use it because it will crash frequently. You will need to check the BullGuard update status and if available then install it and upgrade it to the new and advanced version. After updating this antivirus software, you have to restart your device if asked and then, open the BullGuard application again.

Method 6- An Old Windows Version- If you think that you are using an old Windows version then, not only BullGuard but other applications also start crashing. In such a case, you will need to go to the Settings of your Windows version and navigate for the update option. If you find that, then install it and upgrade your Windows to the newer version.

These are a few methods to fix BullGuard crashing on Windows OS. In case, if BullGuard is still crashing then, all you need to do is to contact BullGuard Helpline Number UK and get in touch with the technical experts for instant help regarding the same.

Source Url: https://telegra.ph/What-To-Do-If-The-BullGuard-Application-Is-Crashing-Frequently-05-22